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Catholic Employee Benefit Group LogoOne year, $1 Million Saved. In just one year, Advanced Plan for Health helped an employee benefits group save $1 Million dollars by reducing annual increases in medical costs and through more direct, efficient plan administration and risk mitigation.


The Client

Catholic Employee Benefit Group, an Irving, Texas-based comprehensive benefits provider supporting the Catholic Church and 1,100 employees and their families.

The Challenge

  • Reducing ever-increasing healthcare costs tracking at 20 to 30 percent each year for a mostly male and older-than-average employee population.
  • Finding alternatives to discontinuing health benefits for non-clergy employees.

APH Action Plan

Using Poindexter, APH's data analytics risk engine custom built for populaiton health management, assess Catholic Employer Benefit Group's healthcare costs, identify opportunities and map out an actionable path to provide a cost-effective, self-funded benefits plan based on increased collaboration and shared risk.

  • Focus on the 10 percent of the population spending 80 percent of healthcare dollars, working 1:1 with individuals via case management and wellness initiatives to better manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes.
  • Establish Clergy Wellness Days, providing free health risk assessments, and offering incentives for those who receive an annual physical.
  • Combine benefits offerings, medical networks, administrative, care management and utilization management services among four dioceses.

"Each diocese is no longer spending up to 30 percent of their day dealing with insurance issues and claims. The plan has been a success; we’re promoting it to other dioceses. All this was possible only because of Advanced Plan for Health."

Jim Smith, Catholic Employee Benefit Group President