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The Client

Barriere Construction is a family owned asphalt construction company in Metairie, Louisiana. The client desired to proactively initiate programs to improve the health of the workforce, and their dependents, to better control the burden of providing health benefits. 

The Challenge

  • Identify high-cost claims and reduce cost associated expenses  
  • Develop and implement data-modeled quality improvement strategies to boost overall health 
  • Evolve wellness program into a performance based program with individual goals 
  • Predict individual employee or dependent costs and measure results for intervention

APH Action Plan

Using Poindexter, APH's data analytics risk engine custom built for population health management, assess Barriere's healthcare costs, identify opportunities and map out an actionable path to provide a cost-effective, self-funded benefits plan based on increased collaboration and shared risk.

  • Aggregate financial, claims, and clinical information to provide business insights 
  • Stratify the health risks of population 
  • Pinpoint opportunities for improvement in medical screenings and increased compliance in evidence-based medicine rules for treatment and measurement of chronic conditions
  • Identify newly diagnosed individuals with chronic conditions and initiate wellness programs with onsite nurse and wellness team training 



  • A notable 88% of employees and their spouses are current participants of the wellness program  
  • While maintaining stable benefits, Barriere's yearly (PMPM) combined cost is stabilized and below the national trend, with a 10% reduction in 8 years of APH partnership
  • Improved medical loss ratio while lowering the medical cost trend line through more direct, efficient plan administration and risk mitigation 


"We wanted a different level of detail and what interested us in APH was analysis of the real, usable data, evidence-based medicine and quality. It's helped us to change the design of our plans. We use the data to target specific messages to employees regarding precise areas of prevention and care."

Brian Cooney, Barriere Construction Executive Vice President