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APH's CEO, Neil Godbey, featured in The Self-Insurer July Edition - "The Digital Difference"

We are pleased to share that APH's CEO, Neil Godbey, is featured in The Self-Insurer July Edition. The article is titled "The Digital Difference". In the article, Neil discusses APH Poindexter's impact on data analytics, predictive modeling and other technology solutions that are changing the face of self-insurance. Read more at the link below.

Tags: Poindexter, data analytics, predictive modeling, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence (AI), technology solutions, self-insurance
Keys to Truly Impactful and Measurable Employer Health & Wellness Programs

With medical costs rising, pharmaceutical costs quickly meeting or exceeding medical costs and miraculous specialty drugs coming in at nosebleed costs, optimizing employee health and saving for catastrophic events is paramount to afford expensive lifesaving medicines and treatments, along with inevitable catastrophic cases that plague nearly every employer’s health plan.

Tags: Health Plan, Healthcare Costs, Wellness Program, Pharmaceutical Costs, Medical Costs, Brokers, TPAs, Health Insurers, Chronic Conditions, Benefit Design, Care Gaps, Population Health, Predictive Analytics, predictive modeling
Wellness Program Success Factors

In this climate of runaway costs, self-insured companies lack the necessary analytical tools and data to target and control spending or anticipate future trends. In fact, many are blindly investing in programs they hope will improve outcomes and reduce claims. Yet the desire to get patients to better manage their own health remains strong. That’s why fully 72 percent of employers now offer programs and services to raise participants’ awareness of their health status and risks (pg. 8).

Tags: wellness program, predictive modeling, data science, healthcare, costs, self-insured, analytics, tools, outcomes, claims, health status, risk, individual health status, health population, employee, insight, healthcare tracking, devices, managers, software, ROI, absenteeism
Invaluable Advice from a Pioneering Data Analytics CEO

Mr. Godbey recently published a pair of bylined articles full of health management insights and advice. Below are a few highlights from those articles.

The advice that Mr. Godbey provides in these articles is well-founded, actionable and based on years of experience and success in evidence-based solutions.

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Published Content
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