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  • Sep 27, 2019

I Am! nurse advocacy program enhances APH’s ability to work with organizations that are dedicated to chronic and complex condition management.

WESTLAKE, Texas, September 27, 2019 - National provider of health data analytics, Advanced Plan for Health (APH), announces the development of the I Am! nurse advocacy program designed to help those who bear the cost of healthcare understand and address their highest cost / risk areas through analytics-powered RN advocacy. Over the past 12 years, APH has worked with more than 20 clients representing nearly 100,000 lives in the development and refinement of I Am!

With the APH health analytics platform, Poindexter, I Am! nurse advocates have access to comprehensive member insights and can deeply understand the health situation of each individual and form a lasting partnership - creating SMART goals for each individual that they feel empowered to own and complete. Poindexter’s health analytics help drive optimal results by providing I Am! nurses with unique findings and transforming them into meaningful member action and measurable results.

Through extensive experience with brokers, self-insured employers and a large contingent of members, APH has learned how to most effectively identify the best opportunities for intervention and to formulate strategies and develop custom programs in partnership with existing member health management programs that align with the client’s goals. “We wanted to provide our clients a service to help bridge the gap between data and behavior. Our I Am! solution does that by combining Poindexter’s health analytics with nurse advocacy to not only identify high-risk individuals, but to support member decision-making and positive health behaviors that truly drive actionable results,” said APH’s Debra Machos, SVP of Strategic Product Development.

“Poindexter’s revolutionary analytics make all the difference for us nurses in terms of patient communication, engagement and targeting,” said I Am! R.N. Betty Higdon, “the system allows us to monitor populations with a visibility that is simply irreplaceable and unprecedented. With Poindexter, we have a tool that can help us improve clinical outcomes and achieve or exceed personal health goals by pointing us in the direction of actionable opportunity.”

The I Am! Nurse Advocacy Program provides only administrative, strategic and analytical services and functions and does not make medical diagnosis, provide medical advice or prescribe medical treatments or options.

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