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  • Sep 23, 2019

WESTLAKE, Texas, September 23, 2019 – Advanced Plan for Health (APH), a national provider of data analytics technology that helps organizations optimize health benefits programs and reduce spend, announced the launch of additional deep-learning predictive tools to their predictive modeling solution’s (Poindexter) existing capabilities. Poindexter’s latest predictive modeling enhancement allows end-users to determine the likelihood of an occurrence of diabetes, cancer in the next 12 months, cancer in the next 10 years, Hepatitis C and End Stage Renal Disease. These new predicted events are in addition to the coronary, neurological, chronic kidney disease and orthopedic health events Poindexter already predicts.

“As data science and predictive analytics technologies improve year in and year out, we hardwire new learning capabilities into Poindexter, so users have the ability to intervene prior to costly utilization,” said Neil Godbey, CEO, Advanced Plan for Health, “this latest Poindexter upgrade will significantly improve the ability to get out in front of and prevent some of the most chronic and significant health events, both for the individual and the health plan.”

Poindexter's predictive modeling functionality can be used by brokers, providers, health plans, employers and others to calculate care gaps and predict the likelihood of hospital admissions as well as readmissions 6 to 12 months in advance for any insured patient population. Accordingly, Poindexter assigns risk scores to individuals within that population – identifying people whose health profile suggests an elevated risk of a predicted health event. Case managers can then help patients avoid catastrophic events, improve outcomes and lower costs through timely interventions.

“Early intervention for high-risk individuals is critical. Without Poindexter’s user-friendly data analytics case managers lack the invaluable ability to identify and monitor individuals who need help today as well as those who will need help down the road,” said Barbara Rutkowski, Vice President, Clinical Operations, Advanced Plan for Health. To that end, the predicted events within Poindexter provide users the unique ability to identify early intervention opportunities that no other system currently provides.

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Founded in 2004, Advanced Plan for Health’s advanced and predictive healthcare analytics platform, Poindexter, delivers customized, precise, cost-saving visibility and actionable recommendations that help health plans, TPAs, brokers, employers, providers and others reduce the cost and risk of healthcare while keeping quality high. From troublesome trends in the health of populations to inefficient provider utilization, APH has the data insight and consultative expertise to help clients quickly implement actions that achieve proven results and support long-term strategies. Other APH offerings include design and management of Nurse Navigation services, engagement and relationship-building with local healthcare providers, and more. Learn more at


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