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Important Trumpcare Topics and Comparison

Whether its Trumpcare or Obamacare – the name makes no difference when it comes to Population Health improvement. What the American people need is solidarity and a conscientious, diligent commitment to providing affordable healthcare to its citizenry. Citizens should in turn remain engaged and informed about the healthcare debate and how it might impacts their care. Below you will find important health reform information from, a site operated by HealthNetwork Group, an unbiased, consumer focused for-profit healthcare marketing company.

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Transparency and Health Costs: Why it Matters

While health care costs vary significantly from market to market, and some areas have higher operating expenses, price transparency is considered one of the ways to stabilize health spending and – in turn – long-term, macro financial stability in the United States. That’s why more than 30 states have passed or have proposed legislation to increase healthcare cost transparency.

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Displaying: 1 - 2 of 2