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Health Highlight of The Month - Stroke and Heart Attack: Real Threats Impacting Younger Adults

In honor of May being National Stroke Awareness Month, we wanted to spread stroke awareness and promote prevention by sharing the article, "Stroke and Heart Attack: Real Threats Impacting Younger Adults" by Ellen Hosafros, Director of Corporate Communications for Corporate Synergies Group. This is a topic that's personally important to the APH team as well as our client base and their members, so we appreciate Corporate Synergies Group sharing this content.

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Harmful, Fake Health Foods

Dr. Lee decided to take action and has dedicated her life’s work to making the nonviable, viable, when it comes to sustainable health. In an engaging and educational viral video, Dr. Lee addresses risk factors for fatigue and weight gain, its resulting complications, and discloses weight loss strategies and ways to promote healthier lifestyle changes that yield maximum results.

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