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Elements of Top-Notch Data Analytics Risk Engine

In today’s healthcare world, benefits brokers are primed to gain a competitive edge through harnessing the power of big data analytics. With the right analytics engine, brokers can streamline risk analysis to provide their clients with key insights – at micro and macro levels – that shed light on crucial aspects of their member population and generate actionable results (1 Year $1 Million Saved: CEBG). The next major step in healthcare technology is here and ready to assist in the effort to improve population health.

Tags: Healthcare, Data, Analytics, Engine, Benefits, Brokers, Insurance, Big Data, Member, Population Health, Insight, Claims, Management, Compliance, Preventive, Customization, Predictive Analytics, Care Gaps, Health, Risk Score, Identify, Admissions, Re-admissions, Employers
Mark McIntyre - Senior Vice President/CFO

Mark McIntyre joined Advanced Plan for Health in September 2013 and assumed responsibility for all financial functions including accounting, audit, budget, credit, insurance, payroll, real estate, tax and treasury management.

Tags: Advanced Plan for Health, Financial, Accounting, Audit, Budget, Credit, Insurance, Payroll, Real Estate, Tax, Treasury Management, Corporate Finance Group, FirstSouthwest, Investment Bank, Mergers, Acquisitions, Capital Formation, Strategic Planning, Senior Consultant, Baylor University
Tom Keenan - Strategic Healthcare Initiatives, Inc.

Tom Keenan is a founding partner, and President of Strategic Healthcare Initiatives, Inc. Mr. Keenan has had a diverse career in insurance, health care strategies and healthy lifestyle programs. In his careers as a consultant and health care executive, he has had the opportunity to work closely with insurance companies, children’s hospitals and health care organizations providing “start-up” operations for HMOs, PPOs, and other insurance companies. The focus on healthy kids programs lead to the development of NonStop™ , a behavior modification program promoting an active lifestyle for children, and NonStop Fuel a healthy vending company.

Mr. Keenan holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Indiana University.

Tags: President, Strategic Healthcare Initiatives, Insurance, Healthcare, Strategies, Healthy, Lifestyle, Programs, Consultant, Healthcare Executive, Hospital, HMO, PPO, NonStop, Behavior, Business Administration, Indiana University
Three Ways To Improve Employee Health, Reduce Costs

From our article in Information Week: Chances are 10% of your employees are generating 70% of your company's healthcare costs. Analytics and partnerships can improve their health and reduce your expenses.

Tags: Healthcare, Costs, Rise, Employers, Self-Funded, Health Plan, Individual Health Status, Company, Data, Identify, Risk, Population Health, Bottom Line, Platform, Analysis, Health Risk, Financial, Dependents, Evidence Based, Providers, Insurance, Medical, Pharmacy, Healthier, Physicians
By Rich Williams - Principal at APH

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