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Invaluable Advice from a Pioneering Data Analytics CEO

Mr. Godbey recently published a pair of bylined articles full of health management insights and advice. Below are a few highlights from those articles.

The advice that Mr. Godbey provides in these articles is well-founded, actionable and based on years of experience and success in evidence-based solutions.

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The Self-Insured Employer: By The Numbers

The further we venture into our modern healthcare system, it becomes more apparent that the self-insured employer understands their potential to slash healthcare costs by creating and effectively implementing custom population health management programs. This is not so surprising of a trend, considering that health policy architects designed the Affordable Care Act and quality-based reimbursement initiatives to stem rising healthcare costs through population health management, as we reported in our ebook, "The New Broker."

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Introducing Poindexter

Poindexter is no ordinary predictive modeling engine typical of the Population Health Market. Poindexter is APH's industry-leading phenotype, cross-dimensional predictive modeling engine that examines the entire population.

Tags: Poindexter, Data Analytics, Manage Risk, Health Plan, Data Analytics Engine, Population Health, Phenotype, Risk Trends, Predictive Modeling, High Cost Members, Drill-Down, Database, Healthcare, Employees, Healthy, Management

APH's advanced and predictive health analytics platform - Poindexter - turns big data into meaningful information to help plan sponsors manage health care costs, identify and predict risk, and improve health outcomes. When you need support to drive real results, you need APH.

Tags: Health Insurance, Employee Population, Wellness Program, Predictive Analytics, Reduce Costs, Poindexter, Health Plan, Healthcare Costs, Population Health Management, High Cost Members, Insight, Employee Benefits, Opioid Abuse Identification

Displaying: 1 - 4 of 4