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Brokers/Benefit Consultants

The role of the broker and health benefits consultant has changed. Employers are demanding more strategic guidance and rigorous and predictive data analysis to help them manage their health plan and costs.

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Identifying and managing high-risk, high-cost patients can be difficult when you have limited or disparate access to claims and demographic data. Providers often need assistance identifying managing and converting healthcare risk into profitable revenue.

Tags: Population Health Management, Healthcare, Data, Employers, High-Risk, Identify, Manage, Claims Data, Demographic Data, Healthcare Solutions, Insight, Health Benefits Program
Company Overview

We are specialists focused on successfully managing risk and optimizing health care benefits and costs; no matter the model of care or type of entity taking on financial risk. We've been in the advanced and predictive healthcare analytics space for years, which has allowed us to continually advance our solutions and refine our action plans so our clients gain unrivaled ROI.

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Displaying: 1 - 3 of 3