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Part 2 - Consumer Guide to High Blood Pressure to Share with Your Population

Barbara Rutkowski, EdD, MSN, CCM - Vice President, Clinical Operations, Advanced Plan for Health  & Joy McGee-Cory - Senior Vice President, Advanced Plan for Health

The team at Advanced Plan for Health (APH) is passionate about improving the health and well-being of as many healthcare consumers as possible, so in honor of Heart Health Month, we created a Consumer Guide to High Blood Pressure for you to use to share details on the risk of hypertension and some preventative measures with your member, employee and patient populations. We encourage you to share any of this information as you find appropriate.

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Imagine getting eight engagement calls from your health plan in one week...

Engaging and educating healthcare consumers on plan benefits, cost-saving options, health risks, as well as the benefits of closing gaps in care can spur action and the desired results. But disconnected messaging via multiple outreaches can cause aggravation and discontent. Even leading to member attrition.

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Taylor Godbey - Executive Vice President/COO

Taylor Godbey's healthcare industry experience includes Business to Business consulting for self-insured employers, hospitals and healthcare systems on a national scale, including development of many of the applications that are used in the processes and systems at APH.

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Three Ways To Improve Employee Health, Reduce Costs

From our article in Information Week: Chances are 10% of your employees are generating 70% of your company's healthcare costs. Analytics and partnerships can improve their health and reduce your expenses.

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By Rich Williams - Principal at APH

Provide the leading resources, predictive modeling tools and healthcare analytics guidance necessary for organizations, health insurance brokers and health plan providers to make informed population health management decisions that help reduce costs associated to health risks, and optimize a group's overall health and health plan.

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