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Telecommunication (Telemedicine) And Healthcare Management

Technology has significantly advanced within the healthcare industry over the past decade. From the Affordable Care Act to wearable device technology, healthcare is transitioning to a more comprehensive, accessible, interoperable and personalized way of managing population health. Employers, health insurance brokers and health plan providers who do not adapt to the rapidly shifting health management landscape will struggle to keep up with the clinical and financial outcomes of those who embrace the new opportunities provided by modern day technology.

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Mark McIntyre - Senior Vice President/CFO

Mark McIntyre joined Advanced Plan for Health in September 2013 and assumed responsibility for all financial functions including accounting, audit, budget, credit, insurance, payroll, real estate, tax and treasury management.

Tags: Advanced Plan for Health, Financial, Accounting, Audit, Budget, Credit, Insurance, Payroll, Real Estate, Tax, Treasury Management, Corporate Finance Group, FirstSouthwest, Investment Bank, Mergers, Acquisitions, Capital Formation, Strategic Planning, Senior Consultant, Baylor University
Chuck Sted - Former CEO/CFO of Hawaii Pacific Health

In 2013 Mr. Sted joined the board of APPMEDICINE, Inc. in Palo Alto, Sotera Wireless, Inc. in San Diego, Leap4Life Global, Inc. in Santa Ynez, and Advanced Plan for Health, LLC in Dallas. He is chairman of the audit committee of Sotera.

Tags: Audits, Financial, Institution, Ernst & Young, CFO, Hawaii Pacific Health, President, Merger, Health Systems, Healthcare, Non-Profit, Subsidiaries, APPMEDICINE, Leap4Life Global, Advanced Plan for Health, United Holdings, United Laundry Services, United Konda, CEO, Re-Accreditation, Risk, Governance, Biology, University of Illinois
Three Ways To Improve Employee Health, Reduce Costs

From our article in Information Week: Chances are 10% of your employees are generating 70% of your company's healthcare costs. Analytics and partnerships can improve their health and reduce your expenses.

Tags: Healthcare, Costs, Rise, Employers, Self-Funded, Health Plan, Individual Health Status, Company, Data, Identify, Risk, Population Health, Bottom Line, Platform, Analysis, Health Risk, Financial, Dependents, Evidence Based, Providers, Insurance, Medical, Pharmacy, Healthier, Physicians
By Rich Williams - Principal at APH

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