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Session 2: A Look at PwC Health Research Institute's 2020 Medical Cost Trend Report

The Advanced Plan for Health team regularly scans the health market for trends, analysis and insight. In our research, we found The PwC HRI Medical Cost Trend: Behind the Numbers 2020 report to be full of valuable healthcare market information and thought our readers would benefit from the report findings. We decided to condense and present the PwC HRI report in a bi-weekly blog series to highlight what we found to be most pertinent to our readers and to better understand factors that could potentially affect the 2020 medical cost trend. Session 2 of 11 sessions.

Tags: Healthcare Benefits, Health Research Institute, PwC, Medical Cost Trend, Self-Insured, Deductibles, Employer Benefit Costs, Benefits Costs, Employee Beneftis, Healthcare Spending, Cost Trend, Medical Trend

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