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Telecommunication (Telemedicine) And Healthcare Management

Technology has significantly advanced within the healthcare industry over the past decade. From the Affordable Care Act to wearable device technology, healthcare is transitioning to a more comprehensive, accessible, interoperable and personalized way of managing population health. Employers, health insurance brokers and health plan providers who do not adapt to the rapidly shifting health management landscape will struggle to keep up with the clinical and financial outcomes of those who embrace the new opportunities provided by modern day technology.

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Rising Costs Call for New Insightful Tools for Population Health Management

What does it look like to have true insight into a certain population’s health? The distinction between the two types of insight – technology-derived data sets and human expertise – is clear, both types are key to accurately assessing and improving the health of a population. It is important to understand the distinction and the application of each type of insight.  


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Displaying: 1 - 2 of 2