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Imagine getting eight engagement calls from your health plan in one week...

Engaging and educating healthcare consumers on plan benefits, cost-saving options, health risks, as well as the benefits of closing gaps in care can spur action and the desired results. But disconnected messaging via multiple outreaches can cause aggravation and discontent. Even leading to member attrition.

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Having Surgery Is Like Running a Marathon

Most people would not participate in a 5K run without training. Yet folks go for elective surgery every day without building their nutritional status and improving their physical conditioning.  Studies over many years have shown the value of sound nutritional status on surgical outcomes like wound healing, faster recovery, shorter hospital stays and fewer complications. Gaining control of elective surgical preparation is a win-win for the health plan in terms of cost savings and for the patient, who optimizes their speed of recovery and minimizes the chance of complications.

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Displaying: 1 - 2 of 2