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Telecommunication (Telemedicine) And Healthcare Management

Technology has significantly advanced within the healthcare industry over the past decade. From the Affordable Care Act to wearable device technology, healthcare is transitioning to a more comprehensive, accessible, interoperable and personalized way of managing population health. Employers, health insurance brokers and health plan providers who do not adapt to the rapidly shifting health management landscape will struggle to keep up with the clinical and financial outcomes of those who embrace the new opportunities provided by modern day technology.

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Barbara Rutkowski, EdD, MSN, CCM - Vice President, Clinical Operations

Dr. Rutkowski is a Medical Management Professional with more than twenty years of experience in operations, integrated medical management for Medicare and self-insured employers, hospital and managed care quality, and employee development.

Tags: Medical, Management, Professional, Integrated Medical Management, Medicare, Self-Insured, Employers, Hospitals, Managed Care Quality, Employee Development, Strategic Business, Health, Systems, Consulting, Organizational Development, Leadership, Team Building, Network, Risk, Clinical, Credentialing, Reinsurance, Regulatory Compliance, Wellness, Disease Management, Utilization, MedisGroups, Outcomes, Design, Development, Vice President, Nursing, University of Florida, Doctor, Education, Indiana University, Registered Nurse, American Journal of Nursing, Chamber of Commerce, Health Care Excel, Operations, Masters of Science
Susan Mutto, RN, MA - Director, Clinical Development

Sue Mutto contributes to Advanced Plan for Health’s capabilities and expertise with a well-rounded background in clinical, quality, informatics, and health plan management. She holds a Master of Health Services Management from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. She is a Registered Nurse (RN) awarded with a Paralegal Certificate from the American Institute of Paralegal Studies in Chicago, Illinois.

Tags: Advanced Plan for Health, Health, Clinical, Informatics, Health Plan, Management, Health Service, Webster University, Registered Nurse, Paralegal Certificate, American Institute of Paralegal Studies, Hospital System, Quality, Safety, Risk, Hospital System National Malcolm Baldrige Award, Project Management, Surgical Software, EHR, Vendor Software, Contracting, Project Planning, Analysis, HEDIS, Medicare Advantage

Displaying: 1 - 3 of 3