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Health Highlight of The Month - Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis

In observance of National Kidney Month, this month’s health highlight is on Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and Dialysis awareness and prevention.

Kidney failure and life-saving dialysis are both a catastrophic health plan expense and life-changing experience that impact health payors and lives alike. 

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Part 2 - Preparing for a Kidney Transplant or Dialysis

Joy McGee-Cory - Senior Vice President, Advanced Plan for Health & Barbara Rutkowski, EdD, MSN, CCM - Vice President, Clinical Operations, Advanced Plan for Health

Members who are in chronic kidney disease at Stage 3 or 4 need to be approached about their plan of treatment. At this point the member may be in denial or unable to determine if they would like to be listed for a transplant, but it is not too early to start the process. The member needs to know about the importance of an early transplant listing decision, because it takes eligible individuals 24 months or longer on the transplant list to get a kidney. They can always change their minds and remove themselves from a transplant list, or list with more than one Center of Excellence to improve their chances for receiving a kidney.

This is a multi-part blog series. Part three will cover – The Cost of Dialysis and TPA and Medical Management Practices

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