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Simply put, we help improve our clients’ bottom line with unprecidented, user-friendly visibility to current state and predicted healthcare cost and risk. Advanced Plan for Health’s advanced & predictive analytics platform, Poindexter, has delivered cost-saving insights and actions to help health plans, employers, providers, brokers, TPAs and others to identify and address areas of highest health cost and risk within their populations. 

Tags: Population Health, Benefits Program, Medical Expenses, Poindexter, Technology, Healthcare Data, Bottom Line, Data Integration, Robust Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Drill-Down, Cost Drivers, Clinical Drivers, Benchmarking, Gaps in Care, Risk, Opportunity Assessment, ROI, Management, Employee, Wellness, High Risk Members, Chronic Health, Measure, Health, Care Providers, Health Network, Broker, Benefits Consultant, Employer, Provider ACO, Health Plan
Brokers/Benefit Consultants

The role of the broker and health benefits consultant has changed. Employers are demanding more strategic guidance and rigorous and predictive data analysis to help them manage their health plan and costs.

Tags: Health Reform, Benefits Brokers, Health Insurance, Insurance Broker, Health Benefits, Benefits Consultant, Employers, Demand, Data, Data Analysis, Actionable Items, Health Plan Performance, Self-Funded, Healthcare Solutions, Healthcare

Displaying: 1 - 2 of 2