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Bob answered his phone, and discovered it was the eighth call that week from his health plan. Deeply frustrated, he wondered why they were reaching out this time, and soon learned it was to entice him to sign up for a support program for members with high blood pressure.

Confused and annoyed by the constant outreach, he wondered aloud why they didn’t mention this when they called him earlier in the week to talk about their 90 day prescription refill program, or when they called to remind him to get his flu shot (which he had already gotten the week before), or when they called to tell him about their healthy grocery discount program. It felt like they didn’t even know him like they used to anymore, and the constant calls and texts were driving him crazy. He said to his wife that perhaps it was time to shop for a new plan. Then he received a text – it was the plan directing him to the member portal for an important message. That sealed the deal. He and his wife got online and started researching carrier options.

Engaging and educating healthcare consumers on plan benefits, cost-saving options, health risks, as well as the benefits of closing gaps in care can spur action and the desired results. But disconnected messaging via multiple outreaches can cause aggravation and discontent. Even leading to member attrition.

It’s important to put yourself in your members’ shoes when setting up engagement outreach strategies. Do your best to minimize the number of outreaches by getting a deeper understanding of the whole picture of the member through analytics, and plan out the fewest possible touches with the greatest possible impact.

Utilizing longitudinal and comprehensive analytics to identify target groups for outreach is critical for optimizing each outreach, and reducing the risk of member abrasion caused by multiple, disconnected outreach efforts.

Advanced Plan for Health supports over 200 clients in gaining a deeper understanding of their member populations’ costs and risks. We pull together medical and pharmacy claims, lab biometrics, EMR data, HRAs and more, into a user-friendly advanced analytics platform (Poindexter) that quickly and effectively identifies opportunities for intervention. Poindexter also tracks results and helps measure program success.

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