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Working Together to Manage Healthcare Cost & Risk

We work together with clients and their partners to provide the visibility they need to manage health risk and cost. Our expertise complements the information you currently have at hand to give you and your team a clearer view and practical action plans.

We provide result-oriented strategies and practical action plans that reduce medical spend. We proactively identify areas where clients and their partners can predict and prevent larger, more costly medical problems down the road.

Every APH customer has unique challenges, needs and expectations. What you need to see, measure, or adjust will be different from others. APH delivers customized service and healthcare solutions for precisely this reason.


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We help employers by:

  • Complementing the services provided by brokers, consultants and TPAs to help employers manage risk – we drill beyond the typical surface reports.
  • Ensuring your benefit program delivers on expectations and is administered effectively.
  • Utilizing precise data to identify patterns, and pinpoint problems with in-depth detail quickly.
  • Doing the work for you – with healthcare solution modeling and more reliable insights.

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We help reinforce your value and set you apart by:

  • Completing the work for you fast, with reliable insights and detailed healthcare solutions.
  • Providing precise data that identifies patterns and quickly pinpoints problems with in-depth detail.
  • Customizing cost-saving actions that are easy for self-funded employer clients to understand and implement.

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APH can help you:

  • With precise data – we expose patterns, and pinpoint problems with in-depth detail quickly.
  • By completing the work fast – with reliable insights and actionable healthcare solutions.
  • Through customized, cost-saving actions that are easy to understand and implement.
  • Optimize health benefit programs for your own employees.

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APH helps health plans with:

  • Precise data mining and analysis exposes patterns, and quickly pinpoints problems with in-depth detail.
  • A close-up view on how healthcare uses granular data, so you may put meaningful adjustments into action.
  • Efficiently obtain the information you need with easy-to-use, point-and-click technology that does the work for you.

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