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See how the Poindexter Predictive Modeling Engine can drive significant cost savings for your organization and improve your health care services. We’ve shared some important white papers and eBooks here and will continue to develop guides as to how Poindexter can benefits organizations of all types. Also, don’t forget to check out our Case Studies to see how Poindexter has helped existing companies just like yours.

Return On Value: Analytics and Population Health for Third Party Administrators

Our complimentary eBook , “Return on Value: Analytics and Population Health for Third Party Administrators,” outlines ways you can leverage custom data-analysis tools to deliver your customers and prospects actionable insights on cost-saving measures.

Leveraging Health Analytics: Dashboard Your Company's Health Claims and Uncover Hidden Cost Centers

Employee benefits managers often have too much on their plates to sleuth out and address the costliest “blind spots” in health coverage.If you're like most, you don't have the bandwidth or data-mining technical wherewithal to survey claims, compare them to national and local cost benchmarks or group data sets into actionable trends. Download our white paper now to see how Poindexter can improve your helathcare costs by predicting conditions, trends, gaps in care, admissions and readmissions 6–12 months in advance.

The New Broker: Self-Insured Employers’ Population Health Management Partner

Clear opportunities exist for brokers to help their self-insured employer customers slash healthcare costs by creating their own custom population health management programs. Download the eBook to learn how to become a next-generation broker by leveraging analytics to better serve clients.