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The cost of employee benefits and employee performance are long-established concerns for businesses of all sizes. These concerns are exasperated as businesses grow and health care costs continue to rise. Whether you’re a self-insured company or are considering moving to a self-insured model, APH has the technology and expertise to ensure that your benefit program is administered effectively and efficiently.

APH places your company in a position to leverage future changes in your coverage, which helps mitigate costs based on employee demographic and health status.

We help employers by:

  • Complementing the services provided by brokers, consultants and TPAs to help employers manage risk – we drill beyond the typical surface reports.
  • Ensuring your benefit program delivers on expectations and is administered effectively.
  • Utilizing precise data to identify patterns, and pinpoint problems with in-depth detail quickly.
  • Doing the work for you – with healthcare solution modeling and more reliable insights.

APH provides customized, cost-saving actions that are easy to understand and implement.