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The cost of employee benefits and the impact of health and well-being on employee performance are long-established concerns for businesses of all sizes. These concerns are exasperated as businesses grow and health care costs continue to rise. Whether you’re a self-insured company or are considering moving to a self-insured model, APH has the technology and expertise to ensure that your benefit program is administered effectively and efficiently.

APH helps employers understand their highest cost / risk areas:

·         Decreasing high cost claims and reduce risk

·         Supporting wellness and closing Gaps in Care

·         Supporting admission and readmission prevention

·         Reducing inappropriate ER utilization

·         Supporting medication adherence and reducing medication risk and cost

We help employers by:

  • Complementing the services provided by brokers, consultants and TPAs to help employers manage risk – we drill beyond the typical surface reports.
  • Ensuring your benefit program delivers on expectations and is administered effectively.
  • Utilizing precise data to identify patterns, and pinpoint problems with in-depth detail quickly.
  • Doing the work for you – with healthcare solution modeling and more reliable insights.

APH provides customized, cost-saving actions that are easy to understand and implement.

Contact us to share more about your business needs, and to learn more about how our Poindexter platorm can help you gain the visibility you need to take action toward driving down health cost and risk.