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    Identify | Guide | Track

    APH's Poindexter Advanced and Predictive Analytics,
    Parse Big Data Down to Actionable Intelligence

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    Precise Data

    Specialized Expertise

    Practical Recommendations

    We map direct paths to meaningful results.

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    Get Better Visibility Into Healthcare Costs and Risks

    Our Poindexter delivers the ability to identify and predict high cost / high risk
    areas of spend -- to power proactive action.

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We're Advanced Plan for Health - Delivering The Insights You Have Been Missing to Manage Healthcare Costs and Risk

The Visibility You've Been Missing to Better Manage Healthcare Cost and Risk

Our Poindexter advanced health analytics platform delivers clients visibility they've been missing to identify and predict high cost / high risk areas of spend such as: High cost claimants; Gaps in care; Medication adherence and medication risk; Inappropriate hospital admission and readmission; Inappropriate ER utilization and more. Our incredibly user-friendly platform delivers the ability to look at data from the macro to the micro level quickly and easily to support decisions and action.

Driven by the industry's only cross-dimensional (phenotype) predictive modeling engine APH's Poindexter helps clients to achieve unparalleled results. Poindexter quickly identifies patterns and pinpoints problems with in-depth detail, stabilizing and reducing health plan cost. With more than 20 years of experience in health benefits, insurance, applied technology, change management and wellness, APH provides comprehensive perspective to managing health care and rising costs while keeping quality high.

Superior Analytics

Superior Solutions

Superior Savings

The Poindexter Advanced & Predictive Analytics Engine

  • A Distinct View

    Macro to micro data views, analysis and industry benchmarking help you understand costs, care delivery and quality at the individual level, as a company, and compared to other companies or similar industries.

  • Customization

    You have unique challenges - what you need to view, measure or adjust will be exclusively adjusted to your needs.

  • Advanced Quality and Precision

    Individual claims data and real-world factors, such as where people live and their behavior patterns, are used in assigning and updating risk scores to individuals within your population.

  • Revolutionary Predictive Modeling

    Calculate conditions, care gaps, hospital admissions, as well as re-admissions 6 to 12 months in advance.